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Sub-sea positioningGIB-LiteGIB-LiteGIB-LiteGIB-Lite: lite pinger on diverGIB-Lite: lite pinger on a small ROVGIB-Lite: lite pinger on ROVGIB-Lite: lite pinger on AUV

GIB-Lite : small & easy-to-use portable Underwater GPS system

GIB-Lite, the newest of ACSA’s series of Underwater GPS products, offers an affordable solution to users who need accurate sub-sea positioning in a confined area (typically 500 m x 500 m).

GIB-Lite uses smaller, lighter buoy and combines some of the electronics into the antenna assembly. As a result, GIB-Lite is  even easier to deploy and operate than the other GIB systems.

GIB-Lite is already finding applications in ROV operations, marine archaeology, and diver tracking. It has become apparent that the type of application originally envisaged for the GIB-Lite system, has been quickly overtaken by the ingenuity of users to find new and exciting opportunities for it's use.

Where longer ranges are needed than GIB-Lite’s capabilities, GIB-Plus system continues to offer a viable alternative to more traditional approaches, particularly inshore operations and on vessels of opportunity.

Key features

  • 3 D real-time tracking in longitude and latitude in D-GPS mode with a metric accuracy
  • Multi-mobile tracking capability
  • Fast installation (< 30 min)
  • No calibration
  • Real-time Quality Control
  • Fully configurable
  • Data storage for post processing (replay & recalculation)
  • Radio range: 1 km
  • Area of tracking: 500m x 500m (x 100 m depth)