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Torpedo test range

12 GIB-FT buoys in warehouseGIB-FT: Shelter-flatGIB-FT buoys ready for deploymentGIB-FT buoy being deployedGIB-FT buoy with morring releaserGIB-FT MMIGIB-FT buoysGIB-FT activeGIB-FT and targetGIB-FT buoyTorpedo launch Torpedo test rangeTorpedo path displayed on MMIGIB-FT MMI

Traditional Torpedo test ranges consist of many underwater instruments deployed on the seabed. Besides the very high maintenance costs of this type of equipment, relying on fixed ranges forces Navies to train at the same place, in the same undersea environment for decades!

ACSA's portable Torpedo Test Range solution offers numerous advantages:

  • Navies don’t need a dedicated torpedo testing area anymore,
  • Weapon testing can be conducted in different areas and environmental conditions,
  • In shallow water and in deep-water up to 600m.
  • Full mission generally run in less than 12 hours (installation on board, transit, deployment, run, recovery) means efficient operation minimizing cost,
  • Wide area coverage (up to 99 square-kilometers),
  • Very high speed vehicles tracking,
  • Metric accuracy at high repetition rate. The system is so accurate that it does not require any data filtering, thus rapid changes in direction or speed are immediately observed.

GIB-FT is more than a portable tracking system. It offers a real time overall mission supervision simultaneously tracking several underwater vehicles, and also surface and air vehicles.