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Diver's monitoring system

PingerDiver & GIB pingerDiver equiped with a GIB pingerMulti-divers trackingDivers swimming in closenessDivers equiped with GIB pingersDiver monitoring, tracking and positioning system

Supervision of diver training from a Rigid Inflatable Boat is not an easy task.

The portable GIB system enables supervision to pass “from night to light” by monitoring the GPS position of multiple divers, simultaneously and in real time on the marine chart displayed on the MMI.

In addition, the system provides an optional emergency function activated by the distressed diver to call for assistance. The capability of quickly and accurately establishing a distressed diver’s GPS position with a metric accuracy makes the dive safer and allows training to be improved and extended.

Enhanced data collection and off-line replay features give instructors a unique tool to bring divers to a better performance level.